DIY SLIME(without borax)

things you will need
– glue(clear glue or white glue)
– insto(eye drops)
– body wash (you can use any brand)
– food coloring
– this to mix (spoon,chopstick and others)
– bowl

what you will do
1.pour the glue to the bowl
2.add 1/2 drops of the food coloring it depends on you,if you want to make a lighter colour
3.mix the glue and food coloring slowly
4.add some body wash not to much becaue if to much it will make the slime foamy or fail and continue to mix it again
5.add insto 5/6 drops and mix it and you will find that it started to form a sllime ,now you can touch the slime if its to sticky jut out some more insto
6.after that put some baby oil if you want,if you dont want its okay




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